Make it Personal

Professional Cake Design

Need some help to design the perfect cake?
We're here to help!

We’ve compiled a few guides below to help you decide exactly what you need to design the cake of your dreams.
Browse our sizing and tier guides to decide on the specifics, and then when you know what you would like, you can upload a photo of a cake (from our website or anywhere else) on our form below – and we can make it become a reality!
We also have plenty of small celebration cakes ready to pickup with 24 hours notice that can be ordered online, if you’re in a rush or just need something simple.


Tiered Cakes

Our cakes are tiered using food grade wooden skewers and cake boards. The amount of tiers within a cake is determined by the amount of cakes that are layered on each other no matter the shape of the cake.

Cakes are tiered to ensure stability. To further ensure the stability of our cakes we cannot tier sponge or butter cakes we can only use mud cakes or lemon sour cakes.

Birthday Cakes

Don’t be limited by the stock cakes available elsewhere, let your imagination run wild and get a delicious personalised cake from Country Cakes. Upload any photo, either from our gallery or elsewhere, and we'll get back to you soon with a quote, or a request for more info.

Wedding Cakes

Impress your guests with a gorgeous wedding cake tailored to suit the theme of your wedding. Talk to our friendly team about your dream wedding cake and our professional cake decorators will create a personalised masterpiece tailored specifically to your needs.


Cupcakes are so popular right now, and its not hard to see why: they are delicious and beautiful versions of their bigger cousins. And even better, unlike a normal cake, there is no slicing required.


The Croquembouche blew us all away when we first saw it on MasterChef. It is such an extravagant and daring creation that it defies belief. Now you can have one for your next special occasion – personalised to your requirements.

Small Celebration Cakes for All occasions

Need a cake for your next event? Or even just for fun? Check out our online Cake Store, choose from a wide selection of flavours, and even add a personalised, handwritten message when you pick it up in store.