Baked Delights


Custard Tart
The best custard tarts in Bendigo.
$4.30 inc. gst
Hand-piped choux pastry filled with fresh whipped cream and iced with a delicious chocolate fondant .
$4.30 inc. gst
French Vanilla Slice
Our French vanilla slice is creamy and delicious with subtle vanilla flavours. Smooth as silk. Some say the best around, what do you think?
$4.30 inc. gst
Jelly Slice
Everybody loves jelly slice, don’t they? Our many loyal jelly slice fans will tell you these are the best jelly slices around!
$3.50 inc. gst
Match Stick
Delightful flaky pastry filled with fresh real whipped cream and a jam centre.
$4.30 inc. gst
Neenish Tart
The original old English buttercream filled pastry case topped with half chocolate and half pink icing.
$3.50 inc. gst
Smiley Face Biscuit
Handmade shortbread biscuit, jam filled with freehand drawn faces in an assortment of colours and moods.
$3.50 inc. gst