Sandwiches, Rolls & Wraps


Crusty Baguettes from $8.50
Traditional French-style crusty long roll filled with an enormous array of gourmet fillings. There are several combinations: do you like brie or sun dried tomatoes? Plenty of options to tantalise any palate.
$8.50 inc. gst
Healthy Wraps from $6.90
Pick the meats and salads you want. Wrapped perfectly and cut into manageable halves. From $6.90
$6.90 inc. gst
Salad Rolls from $5.90
Your choice of fillings with our meat and salad rolls.
$5.90 inc. gst
Sandwiches from $4.90
From old favourites egg and lettuce to gourmet delights including avocado, tandoori chicken, premium roast beef and roast vegetables.
$4.90 inc. gst
Toasted Sandwiches from $4.50
Freshly made, choose from our large selection of fillings.
$8.50 inc. gst