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Country Cakes is a great place to come for your lunch. You will be delighted with the range of delicious healthy snacks, hot food, and sweet treats.

Our food is made fresh every day, so it’s always going to be perfect.

If you want to save time and know what you want for lunch, give us a bell, we are more than happy to take pre-orders and have your lunch waiting for you when you come in. Call us on 5442 3601.


Hot and Cold Drinks

Freshly brewed coffee, delicious hot chocolate, or a refreshing juice, Country Cakes has a great range of drinks to quench your thirst or warm you up on a cold day.

Loyalty Club

Next time you are in, ask us about our great coffee loyalty club and get free coffees just for being a regular.

Hot Drinks

Available in two convenient sizes: small or large. Whatever your choice, you will enjoy the highest quality every time!

  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Tea
  • Flat White
  • Chai Latte
  • Mocha
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Long Black

Small $4.00

Large $5.00

Extra Shot, choice of flavour or Mocha add 50 cents

Cold Drinks

A range of cold drinks is available in store, including juices, soft drinks, flavoured milks and energy drinks.

Items and prices  vary – see in store.


Slices and Delights

In keeping with Country Cakes’ passion for baking delicious sweet treats, we offer a wide range of slices and baked delights to tantalise your senses.

French Vanilla Slice

Our French vanilla slice is creamy and delicious with subtle vanilla flavours. Smooth as silk. Some say the best around, what do you think?


Caramel Slice

Traditional caramel slice with a Cadbury chocolate top.


Hedgehog Slice

The kids favourite! Although often these “kids” are in their late teens, 40s, 50s and beyond!


Jelly Slice

Everybody loves jelly slice, don’t they? Our many loyal jelly slice fans will tell you these are the best jelly slices around!


Match Stick

Delightful flaky pastry filled with fresh real whipped cream and a jam centre.


Custard Tart

The best custard tarts in Bendigo.



Hand-piped choux pastry filled with fresh whipped cream and iced with a delicious chocolate fondant .


Smiley Face Biscuit

Handmade shortbread biscuit, jam filled with freehand drawn faces in an assortment of colours and moods.


Neenish Tart

The original old English buttercream filled pastry case topped with half chocolate and half pink icing.


Peppermint Slice

Chocolate biscuit crumb base, smooth peppermint filling with Cadbury chocolate top.


Rocky Road

Marshmallows, peanuts, and chocolate: this is rocky road through and through!





In line with our focus on excellence, our pies contain only the best quality locally-sourced meat. All pie meats purchased from Meats on Mitchell, a great local family business.

Beef Pies

Rich gravy, hearty meat, and wholesome pastry. What a good pie should taste like!

Beef Steak Pie $4.60

Steak and Onion Pie $5.00


Steak, Cheese and Bacon Pie $5.00

Pepper Steak Pie $5.00

Curry Pie $5.00

Potato Top Pie $5.00

Chicken Pies

When you come in we’ll have either creamy chicken and corn or Butter chicken pies – it purely depends which one the bakers feel like making today! We only use premium breast fillet chicken from Hazeldenes in our chicken pies.

Creamy Chicken and Corn $5.00

Butter Chicken, a fantastic experience $5.00


Specialty Pies

Our pizza top is one of a kind: an original meat pie topped with onion, cheese, red and green capsicum as the topping.

Pizza Top Pie $5.00



Choose from a good old fashioned meat and veggie pastie, or the just-as-heart-warming vegetarian option.

Meat and Vegetable Pastie $4.60

Vegetarian Pastie $4.60

Sausage Rolls

Sausage mince with tasty flaky pastry, what could be better? Add cheese and bacon, that’s what!

Sausage Roll $3.00

Cheese and Bacon Sausage Roll $3.50




Fresh Caesar salads or your choice of garden salad bowls made to order.

Caesar Salad

Crisp fancy lettuce, bacon pieces, crunchy croutons, shaved parmesan cheese, whole sliced egg and a creamy traditional Caesar dressing. Add breast chicken if you wish (extra charge).


Garden Salads

Mix and match our fresh ingredients.

Your Choice of Salad from $6.00


Sandwiches, Rolls and Wraps

A wide range of sandwiches, rolls and wraps are available with your choice of salads, toppings and premium cold meats, including salami, ham, corned beef, roast beef, chicken, tandoori chicken, and turkey. All sandwiches, rolls and wraps are made to order, with some premade items available daily.

Salad Rolls

Your choice of fillings with our meat and salad rolls.

From $5.90

Healthy Wraps

Pick the meats and salads you want. Wrapped perfectly and cut into manageable halves.

From $6.90


From old favourites egg and lettuce to gourmet delights including avocado, tandoori chicken, premium roast beef and roast vegetables.

From $4.40

Crusty Baguettes

Traditional French-style crusty long roll filled with an enormous array of gourmet fillings. There are several combinations: do you like brie or sun dried tomatoes? Plenty of options to tantalise any palate.

Full Baguette from $8.50

Toasted Sandwiches

Freshly made, choose from our large selection of fillings.

Ham, Cheese and Tomato $5.30

Your Choice of Fillings from $4.50