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Specialty Cakes

These cakes are some of our most popular and delicious cakes, from the wholesome carrot cake, to the ever-popular black forest cake.

All 8” (20cm) Round Specialty Cakes $35.00



Carrot Cake

A moist blend of wholesome carrots, tropical pineapple, and golden walnuts.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 12

Banana Cake

A dense, wholesome cake filled with bananas through and through.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

Lemon Sour Cream Cake

A deliciously balanced blend of lemon and sour cream. This cake is not sour: it is by far our most popular cake, chosen on flavour every time. Best served at room temperature.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

Jaffa Mousse Cake

Layers of chocolate and orange cake sandwiched between chocolate mousse and flavoured with orange liqueur.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 12

Black Forest Cake

Three layers of rich chocolate cake, two layers of fresh cream, kirsch liqueur, and cherries, all encased in chocolate butter cream. A perennial favourite.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 12