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Catering for your next event is a breeze with Country Cakes on your side.

We have a huge range of hot and cold, sweet and savoury food to cater for all tastes and special dietary needs. All of our food is made on site with the freshest produce and is colourfully and brightly presented to make an impression with your guests.

All catering orders can be picked up at a specific time or delivered right to your door.

Give us a call on 5442 3601 to get a competitive quote on catering for your next event.

Catering Menu

Salad Sandwich

A complete mix of ingredients ensuring variety, broad appeal and appetising appearance.


Salad Roll

Round roll cut in half. A wide range of fillings to delight.


Fresh Meat and Salad Bowl

Your choice of meat combined with a complete range of salad items to satisfy most tastes.


Gourmet Baguette

Crunchy long roll with gourmet fillings.
Cut in 3.


Hot Party Savouries

Party pies, sausage Rolls, quiche, potato top.

$1.50 Each

Fresh Salad Bowl

All the salad items: lettuce, tomato, egg, onion, roasted vegetables, beetroot, pineapple, spinach, avocado, carrot and coleslaw.



Two portions per serve.



Large range of Country Cakes slices.

$3.50 Each


Assorted flavours.

$3.50 Each

Mini Muffins

Small enough to eat in one hand while holding a drink in the other. Just enough to get the taste!

$2.50 Each

Fruit Platter

Minimum 20 serves. Fruit subject to seasonal availability and quality.

$5.50 Per Serve

Fruit and Cheese Platter

Minimum 20 serves. Fruit subject to seasonal availability and quality.

$8.50 Per Serve


Minimum 24 halves. Jam and cream on each half.

$2.50 Per Half

Bar Cake

Cut into 10 pieces.


Juice 2 Litre

Choose from orange or apple.

2 Litre $7.50

300ml $3.50