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The widest range of delicious cakes

Country Cakes specialises in, well, cakes! As the experts in baking great cakes, we offer some of the most delicious cakes in Victoria. From a classic sponge or melt-in-your-mouth butter cake, to a decadent mud cake, creamy cheesecake or rich black forest cake.

All of our cakes can be personalised to suit your special occasion with custom decorations created by our team of cake artists. Feed your imagination in the Cake Gallery with hundreds of examples of personalised cakes produced by Country Cakes.

Drop in now and pick up a cake from our shop on the corner of Russell and Breen streets in Bendigo. All cakes listed here are available for immediate pickup.

Got a big, hungry crowd?

Most of our cakes are available in larger sizes for your special event. Call 5442 3601 now to enquire about sizes, pricing and availability.


Sponge Cakes

A Country Cakes specialty. Light and fluffy and filled with fresh cream. In order to ensure freshness, our freshly creamed sponges are made to order and ready within 15 minutes.

All 8” (20cm) Round sponges $18.90

With Jam                     $19.90



Vanilla Sponge

The classic vanilla sponge that we all know and love.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 8

Chocolate Sponge

A light and fluffy sponge with delicious chocolate twist.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 8

Ginger Fluff Sponge

A hint of ginger gives this sponge a unique tone. A staff favourite.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 8



Butter Cakes

A moist, buttery cake. Light in texture and full of flavour. A favourite for birthday cakes.

 8” (20cm) Round Butter Cakes $35.00



Vanilla Butter Cake

The most popular cake for smaller children. Moist and subtle in flavour with just a hint of sweetness.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 12

Chocolate Butter Cake

Yum, chocolate butter cake is rich and moist but not so strong in chocolate character as to overpower.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 12

Orange Butter Cake

Soft and moist, this cake has a delightful subtle orange flavour. A favourite with every age group.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 12

Marble (Rainbow) Butter Cake

Also called “Kids Special”, our marble butter cake is made from vanilla, chocolate and strawberry butter cake all hand swirled together. Looks amazing when cut.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 12



Mud Cakes

A rich, moist and decadent cake, our mud cakes are irresistible. And with seven different varieties to choose from, there is sure to be a mud cake to delight your senses. Best served at room temperature to appreciate the flavours and true moistness.

All 8” (20cm) Round Mud Cakes $35.00



Chocolate Mud Cake

A true chocolate cake; rich and moist but not over-sweet. A crowd favourite.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

Peppermint Mud Cake

Chocolate base with peppermint added into the cake when being baked and also when decorated. If you like choc mint, you will love this cake!

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

Cherry-Ripe Mud Cake

Very Cherry-Ripe! With loads of coconut and cherries (strictly small pieces), this cake is very rich but if you love Cherry-Ripe this is the one for you!

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

White Mud Cake

Our delicious white chocolate mud cake has all the character of a mud cake, with the unmistakable flavour of white chocolate.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

Caramel Mud Cake

An intense caramel-lovers cake, finished with caramel icing. Not for the faint hearted!

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

Marble Mud Cake

A delicious blend of the chocolate and white chocolate mud cake, the marble mud cake is hand mixed so there are variations in every piece. Captures the best of both worlds, whilst reducing the richness of each one.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

Mars Bar Mud Cake

Chocolate mud cake with Mars Bars baked into the cake. Love Mars? You’ll love this cake!

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14




Ssshhh! These cheesecakes are a Country Cakes hidden secret!
Our ultra-creamy baked cheesecakes are sure to delight.

All 8” (20cm) Round Cheesecakes $35.00



Blueberry Baked Cheesecake

This cheesecake is deliciously sweet with a blueberry twist. A great dessert – you’ll only need a small slice (or two!).

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

Lemon Baked Cheesecake

Sweet but light in flavour: makes a great dessert to which you can add almost anything on the plate.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14



Specialty Cakes

These cakes are some of our most popular and delicious cakes, from the wholesome carrot cake, to the ever-popular black forest cake.

All 8” (20cm) Round Specialty Cakes $35.00



Carrot Cake

A moist blend of wholesome carrots, tropical pineapple, and golden walnuts.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 12

Banana Cake

A dense, wholesome cake filled with bananas through and through.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

Lemon Sour Cream Cake

A deliciously balanced blend of lemon and sour cream. This cake is not sour: it is by far our most popular cake, chosen on flavour every time. Best served at room temperature.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 14

Jaffa Mousse Cake

Layers of chocolate and orange cake sandwiched between chocolate mousse and flavoured with orange liqueur.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 12

Black Forest Cake

Three layers of rich chocolate cake, two layers of fresh cream, kirsch liqueur, and cherries, all encased in chocolate butter cream. A perennial favourite.

8” (20cm) Round – Serves Approx 12