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Slices and Delights

In keeping with Country Cakes’ passion for baking delicious sweet treats, we offer a wide range of slices and baked delights to tantalise your senses.

French Vanilla Slice

Our French vanilla slice is creamy and delicious with subtle vanilla flavours. Smooth as silk. Some say the best around, what do you think?


Caramel Slice

Traditional caramel slice with a Cadbury chocolate top.


Hedgehog Slice

The kids favourite! Although often these “kids” are in their late teens, 40s, 50s and beyond!


Jelly Slice

Everybody loves jelly slice, don’t they? Our many loyal jelly slice fans will tell you these are the best jelly slices around!


Match Stick

Delightful flaky pastry filled with fresh real whipped cream and a jam centre.


Custard Tart

The best custard tarts in Bendigo.



Hand-piped choux pastry filled with fresh whipped cream and iced with a delicious chocolate fondant .

$4.30 /strong>

Smiley Face Biscuit

Handmade shortbread biscuit, jam filled with freehand drawn faces in an assortment of colours and moods.

$3.50 /strong>

Neenish Tart

The original old English buttercream filled pastry case topped with half chocolate and half pink icing.


Peppermint Slice

Chocolate biscuit crumb base, smooth peppermint filling with Cadbury chocolate top.

$3.50 /strong>

Rocky Road

Marshmallows, peanuts, and chocolate: this is rocky road through and through!

$3.50 /strong>